powertex mirror tiles

Powertex tutors enjoying their busman’s holiday

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the definition of a busman’s holiday is ‘a holiday or form of recreation that involves doing the same thing that one does at work’.

Well in that case, this weekend was definitely a busman’s holiday. And it brought home to me just how lucky I am to do the job that I do, because I have not laughed or enjoyed myself so much in quite some time.

So why, you might ask, would a group of Powertex tutors want to get together, to mess around with what we do most of the time anyway?

powertex tutor get together

powertex tutors laughing and creating

The answer is simple, we love what we do. But it is slightly more than that. When you invest your hard earned time and money to train as a Powertex tutor, you are in a way taking a huge leap of faith. A leap of faith by the way, that I am extremely glad I made.

However, by it’s very nature, being self employed can at times leave you open to self doubt. I could be wrong, but I suspect creative people are even more open to attacks from those pesky little ‘you’re not good enough gremlins.’ So it is important to make links with people who have taken the same leap that you have.

I have always found the Powertex family (and it does feel like a family to me) to be very supportive throughout my journey from a level 1 tutor right the way through to a level 4 tutor. But it is really nice to touch base in person from time to time. To bounce ideas off each other face to face as well as over the internet. Throw in some food and a good dollop of laughter and what’s not to like?

powertex tutor get together

powertex tutors laughing and creating

Our first get together was on the Isle of Wight at Quakers about Craft a gorgeous crafty shop owned by Sue Sheath in in Ryde. This went so well that we have decided to make it a regular event. Open to any Powertex tutor who wants to come along.

This weekend we got a treat because we were invited along to Clarabeau’s Decorative Art Studio owned by Clare Holmes. I have to admit to a bout of my usual case of studio envy.

art studio

Clarabeau’s Decorative Art Studio

Apart from the afore mentioned laughter, we did actually do a spot of creating as well. I’ve pinched photos from other people who came along, as all of mine showed my very white powertex smudged legs as you can see. It appears taking mirror photos is an art in itself. This gorgeous creation (apart from my legs) was done by Rachel of Craft My Day

powertex smudged legs

A fine art to photographing mirrors, must do better!

Powertex mirror tiles

Gorgeous Powertex Mirror Tiles created at our get together

I’m very much looking forward to our next get together for more laughter and powertex mayhem.

I have included links of Powertex Tutors who came along below. If you are in their area and want to have a go with Powertex I am sure they will be happy to help you out.

Clare Holmes Clarabeau’s Decorative Art Studio (Powertex Tutor)
Debra Jenkinson www.hobbilicious.com (Powertex Tutor)
Sue Sheath Quackers about Craft (Powertex Tutor)
Maureen Cooper Creative Moments by Maureen (Powertex Tutor)
Shell North The Crafty Little Corner (Powertex Tutor)
Rachel Pullen Craft My Day (Powertex Tutor)
Jan Mattinson Jan’s Crafty Matters (Powertex Tutor)
Erica Smith erica.smith800@yahoo.com (Powertex Tutor)

And of course my good self Donna Mcghie www.artandmurals.co.uk (Powertex Tutor) Dates for my forthcoming Powertex workshops in May can be found here

Details of Powertex tutors in all areas can be found on the Powertex UK website

Oh and last but not least. Talking of fun weekends, the guys at Powertex UK are holding a Powertex retreat in the form of a Secret Garden Party in July. It’s over a whole weekend and promised to be something rather special. Details here if you fancy checking it out www.powertexsgp.co.uk

Contact Donna McGhie

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