Time for my regular blog of what is coming up in the way of my Powertex Art 4 A Heart Workshops next month.

As always, if you just want to see at a glance, dates and venues are listed below:

Art 4 A Heart Powertex Workshops in May 2018

Fri 4 May Powertex Mixed Media Journal Cover £45.00 Booking via www.letsbecreative.co.uk
Sat 12 May Powertex Stone Art Workshop £48.00 Booking via www.inspiredandcreate.co.uk
Tue 29 May Powertex Dragon Egg Workshop £33.00 Booking via www.inpsiredandcreate.co.uk

If you would like a little more detail, and have the time and the inclination please do read on

Powertex Mixed Media Journal Workshop

Powertex Journal Workshop

Powertex Journal Workshop

I am so pleased to be back at Let’s Be Creative in Rogate for this workshop. As it is a full day workshop, rather than the usual half day usually allocated for journals, you have the choice of doing two separate journal covers, or one journal cover decorating both front and back covers.

I will also bring along a selection of powertex colours to choose from rather than the usual black. As anyone who has been to a journal workshop before will know, I always bring along a substantial selection of embellishments. And as always, you are very welcome to bring along anything person to add to make it a very special journal indeed.

Powertex Stone Art Workshop

Stone art is a wonderful medium that can be added to liquid powertex to create the illusion of stone. You will get the chance to create your own unique work of art using these two products, which we will then spray with bister which is created out of ground walnut shells, to add colour and depth. We will be working in a wonderful studio at Inspired and Create which is based village of Sway right in the heart of the New Forest so maybe you will be inspired by some of the beautiful nature you drive through on your way to the workshop.

Powertex Dragon Egg Workshop

Desmond the powertex dragon

Powertex Drabling

I adore making Powertex dragon eggs – which hatch into what I have nicknamed Drablings – because they are dragons with a liberal addition of added bling. On this workshop which is for children and adults alike (children do have to be accompanied by an adult) you will create your own little dragon egg, along with a little family of drablings so that you can show your friends what happens once the eggs hatch. Brilliant fun and a chance to let your imagination run wild.

As always, all of these workshops come under the category of Art 4 A Heart Powertex workshops,which means that £5 from every ticket sold will be donated to the amazing Papworth Hospital Charity

I am hoping to also do another seahorse workshop at some point in May which is yet to be arranged, as the last one had to be cancelled due to the dangerous weather conditions, so watch this space if blinged up sea horses are your thing

Powertex Seahorse

Sheldon the Powertex Seahorse

If you fancy coming along and getting having a play with Powertex, whilst helping a wonderful cause I would love to see you. Each workshop is suitable for everyone, and as long as you don’t mind getting a bit messy (old clothing is a must), you will go home with a totally unique, and beautiful work of art.

If you have any questions at all then please do contact me via www.artandmurals.co.uk and I will do my very best to answer them fully.

Have a great month and hope to see you in May.

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