Art and Murals in Southampton

by Southampton Artist Donna McGhie

Powertex Training & Workshops in Southampton

I now run Powertex Workshops in and around the Southampton areas as well as selling my own Powertex sculptures.

Powertex Training & Workshops in Southampton
Powertex Training & Workshops in Southampton

Powertex Workshops

If you book a workshop with someone who is a qualified Powertex distributor, you will be getting someone trained in every aspect of powertex, by the experts at Powertex UK. You will be booking with someone who has invested in their training, and you can be sure that they are serious about giving you the best possible service.

A demonstration of one of the creative ways to use Powertex by Donna Mcghie. In this demonstration Donna takes an empty wine bottle and shows how easily it can be made into a work of art.

This shows some of the ideas you can use Powertex for – but the only limits are your imagination.

Why I Run Art 4 A Heart Powertex Workshops

I am a self employed artist and a level 4 Powertex Fabric Sculpting Tutor. I am a firm believer in creativity helping with mental health wellbeing and am a Fellow of the Lloyds Bank Social Entrepreneur Scheme. Since 2016 I have been running Art 4 A Heart Powertex workshops to raise money for the Papworth Hospital Charity as a way of saying thank you for saving my husband’s life when he needed an urgent heart transplant.

You can see all of my upcoming art 4 a heart workshops on my facebook page.

Art 4 a Heart

Mural Painter and Artist Donna McGghie

Welcome to Art and Murals in Southampton. Meet Donna Mcghie for a Free Consultation! All my murals are drawn free hand. This allows me to really work with my client’s ideas and concepts. It also guarantees that your mural will be absolutely unique and a one off.
Southampton Artist
Donna McGhie
Mural Painter

“I painted my first mural about 25 years ago. Almost as soon as I got the keys to my own flat. I’ve been painting murals for friends and family in my spare time ever since.”

Latest News and Art Blog Posts by Donna

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Powertex Workshops in January 2019

It seems so strange writing about Powertex Workshops for 2019 - how quickly did 2018 fly past? I have some very exciting news to share regarding 2019, I am remaining on the Powertex Design Team!! So, without further ado, here are the details of all my Art 4 A Heart...

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How A Powertex Workshop Can Help Your Mental Health Wellbeing

A lot is being published on social media nowadays about the positive effects engaging with creativity can have for our mental health wellbeing. I originally typed out a rather rambling blog about how I believe attending a Powertex Workshop can be good for mental...

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Contact Donna McGhie

If you would like to come along to the next Powertex Workshop with Donna – please check our available events and dates.

"I am always happy to chat about powertex and upcoming workshops that you may be interested in coming along to."