About Donna McGhie

Donna McGhieI painted my first mural about 25 years ago. Almost as soon as I got the keys to my own flat. I’ve been painting murals for friends and family in my spare time ever since.

My ‘day job’ was in youth work and inclusion. When my daughter was born, it seemed only natural that she would have a hand painted mural above her cot. The designs changed as she grew older. From Winnie the Pooh, to Peter Pan. To her most recent mural. A Trompe L’oeil book case, reflecting her absolute love of reading.

The great thing about murals is that they can be so unique and personal. I have been lucky enough to be involved in painting a mural with students with learning disabilities. I just love how they took ownership of it and completely engaged with the design. All my murals are hand painted and completely unique.

An important and very special part of the process for me is getting to know the person or people that the mural is for. It’s vital that they are fully involved. That they have a sense of ownership of the art. This way the lucky recipient really gets to participate in the design .

I particularly love working with children – and find they really love being consulted about their ideas for murals. If you’re tempted by the thought of your own mural? A special canvas created just for you or your child?  Then I’d love to hear from you.

How I Work

Mural Painter at workAll my murals are drawn free hand, which allows me to really work with my client’s ideas and concepts. It also guarantees that your mural will be absolutely unique and a one off. I start off by a short consultation, where I can view the room, wall or ceiling that is to be painted. I am happy to bring along examples, or ideas to help stimulate the imagination. So that between us we can come up with a truly amazing design.

I will then draw up a draft design and either email it over to you, or bring it in person so that we can discuss whether you are happy with this, or want to change it in any way. If the mural is for a child then they are fully involved in every step of the process, ensuring that their mural is very special to them. Everything involved at the consultation stage is entirely free.

Once we have a design that you and your child are happy with then I will arrange a date to come and start painting. On the big day I pencil in the whole design so that you can be sure you are completely happy with it before applying any paint. If am fully insured, CRB checked, and use low odour paints that are durable and keep their colour. I paint in a variety of styles, and am happy to work to all scales and budgets, and treat every mural I do with the same care and attention.

Where I Work

I am Hampshire based, but am happy to travel across the UK. If I am required to travel further than 30 miles out of Hampshire however, I do charge for mileage, and expenses if I have to stay overnight somewhere. As well as working in home environments I work in schools, pre schools, surgeries – any space at all can be enhanced by a mural.

The Price

I base my prices on £200 per day. This includes all consultation, travel costs (unless it involves traveling more than 30 miles outside of Hampshire), and materials. Once I have given a quote for work this is a fixed price, and if I end up taking more time then estimated you will still pay the price quoted. If the design is small and uncomplicated costs can be from £100.


All of my contact details can be found on the contact page. You can phone, email or leave me a message with my quick contact form.