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I became a qualified Powertex tutor nearly 4 years ago. Without a doubt it is one of the best career moves I’ve ever made. What’s not to like about a job where you get to put huge smiles on people’s faces.

I often hear it said that we lose ourselves in art. Actually, I think the opposite is true. I think that we find ourselves in art. It feels like an absolute privilege to get feedback from people telling me how much they have gained from attending a workshop.

Powertex Tutor Workshop

So what does all this have to do with you?

It would seem that the time is now right for me to expand a little. I have been asked to become a Powertex creative team leader. So I’m looking for people to join my creative team of qualified Powertex tutors. The creative team you will be a part of will cover the SO area of Hampshire, UK.

I’m on the lookout for like minded and creative people. By like minded, I guess I mean open minded. I’ve blogged before about how in my Powertex workshops, I encourage individuality and creativity. Find your creativity with Powertex The beauty of Powertex is that everyone gets to walk away with something that really does reflect their own personality. No two sculptures are ever the same. Which in my opinion is just as it should be.

What is involved in becoming a Powertex Tutor?

I expect you are wondering what is involved in becoming a tutor? Initially you get to go to Stratford to undertake the required Level 1 Powertex Tutor Training course. This is great fun and is run by Tracey Evans of Powertex UK. Tracey is quite the celebrity now as she can often be seen on Hochanda TV.

This is a two day course and will equip you with everything you need to get started as a Powertex Tutor. Plus you also get to bring home some beautiful Powertex sculptures you will have created.

As your Powertex journey progresses you will get the opportunity to attend more advanced courses which will increase the range of workshops you can offer.

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Incidentally, whenever you see a Powertex workshop advertised it is always worth checking out that the person facilitating it is a certified Powertex Tutor. If they can prove this to you you can rest assured that they will be trained to the highest standard.

All official Powertex Tutors are kept kept fully informed and updated about all new Powertex products and techniques and the best way to put these into practice.

For more details why not drop me a line via my contact page on my website and we can discuss it further.

Alternatively you can go to the Powertex UK website to find out about tutor vacancies in
your area.

Certified Powertex Tutor