Powertex Sculptures

Why Face Painting Can Be Good For Adults Well Being

Last month, with more than a little sadness I washed out my face painting brushes for the very last time. Due to personal reasons I have made the decision to concentrate totally on promoting my Art 4 A Heart Powertex Workshops to raise money for Papworth Hospital...

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Powertex Tutor – Could you be one?

> I became a qualified Powertex tutor nearly 4 years ago. Without a doubt it is one of the best career moves I've ever made. What's not to like about a job where you get to put huge smiles on people's faces. I often hear it said that we lose ourselves in art....

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It’s Not Clutter – It’s Powertex Artistic Creativity

I love it when I see those posts coming up on face book that reassure us messy types its alright to live in chaos. In fact it's a good thing. And this must be true, because Albert Einstein said so. Now I don't know whether the great man himself actually did say that...

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Why it is so important to talk about Organ Donation

Why Talking About Organ Donation Can Save Lives The Roller Coaster No-One Wants To Be On In 2016 my family was hit with an emotional roller coaster. My husband was rushed to Papworth Hospital and placed on the urgent waiting list for a heart transplant. After weeks of...

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When I tell people that I am looking for second hand bras to make angels with, the usual response is a slightly confused look, as they step away from me and try to steer the conversation on to a safer topic, such as the weather. However, once I explain further to...

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Powertex Dates for Your Diaries

First of all, my sincere apologies as I know I have been a little unorganized in keeping people informed of dates over the past few months. Those that know me personally will be aware that I do have a valid excuse, in that there have been some health issues on the...

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Vintage Serendipity

One of my favourite places to run Powertex sculpting workshops is at the beautiful Woodlands Lodge Hotel on the outskirts of the New Forest. Whilst doing a fairy sculpting workshop there recently, a young bride to be approached me to ask if I had ever considered doing...

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Willamena the Powertex Witch

href="https://www.artandmurals.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2014/09/w.jpg">Willamena’s Story (Powertex Sculpture) Willamena the Powertex witch is very, very shy. She grew up in a tiny village and always knew she was different. However she didn’t realise she had special...

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Powertex Workshops Are Go!!

>Since gaining my level 2 Powertex Training Certificate I have been really enjoying setting up and facilitating workshops both for those who just want a taster session, which involves upcycling either a record or a bottle and also for those who want to take home a...

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Powertex Training!

A while back I wrote about my addiction to Powertex as a sculpting product. Well now I am delighted to say that I have been back to the beautiful Secret Art Loft, and completed my trainers training, so that I can run my own workshops. I am so excited about this,...

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My new artistic addiction.

At the weekend my lovely husband treated me to an early Birthday present.  For some time now I have been itching to go on a fairy making course at the Secret Art Loft.  The venue was just outside of Stratford, and as I live in Hampshire I booked in to stay overnight...

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