Mural PainterArt & Murals by Donna Mcghie, based in Eastleigh, just outside of Southampton, Hampshire, has been up and running as a mural and face painting business since April 2012. However, I have been painting ever since I can remember – on any surface available!

When I purchased my first property, I remember painting a very tiny flower on a blank wall, just to make my mark on my own place. Over time this tiny flower blossomed into a slightly larger flower, which sprouted leaves, and eventually my whole wall was transformed into a flower festooned mural! When I put my property up for sale, I offered to paint over it, but the new owners said it was because of my mural that they wanted to buy the property!

Over time I have painted many murals for friends and family, but it is only recently that I have taken the plunge and started to do it professionally.

Murals for SchoolsI think the most rewarding mural I ever did, was a subway mural with students with learning difficulties, in conjunction with the local council in Hampshire. The students came up with the idea of a submarine, and we designed and painted the most amazing and exotic sea creatures which the public could see through the portholes.

I loved the whole experience of painting this mural, but for me the most rewarding aspect was involving the students in the whole process, from designing to painting the mural, and seeing how this helped develop their self esteem. They really felt they owned it.

I like to carry on this ethos in every mural I paint for clients. Whatever age they may be, they get to be involved in every aspect of design. So that the finished mural is truly unique to them, and reflects their personality. I love seeing a child’s face light up when they see their finished mural.

I have painted murals for pre schools, nurseries, and toddler play cafes. The largest mural I have painted to date can be seen at the Three Bears Play Cafe in Woolston, Southampton, Hampshire. I am happy to paint large scale murals, or very small ones – depending on budget, and what a client is looking for.

Murals of DucksAll my murals are painted free hand. I prefer to work this way, as I am passionate in my belief that art should be individual. I love to work with children with learning disabilities as I honestly think that they have a lot express, and because they are fully involved at every stage, they have a real sense of ownership and pride in the finished mural.

I think the most unusual request I have received so far was to paint a mural for a pet duck. Donald now has his own mural proudly displayed in his duck house!
princess mural

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