powertex step by step

These simple basics, plus some Powertex products are all you will need

Halloween is fast approaching, so I thought I would do a simple Powertex step by step blog on how to make the cutest little trick or treat jar.

powertex halloween prop

Using powertex you can create the cutest trick or treat jar

Here is what you will need:

Black Powertex
Small Jam Jar (with lid)
Masking Tape
Tin Foil
Soft Wire (if you choose to add hands)
Some upcycled material (natural fibre)
Small Wooden Ball (or any other item to use as a nose, such as a button)
Flat Brush
Paper Towel
Powertex Easy Varnish
Powertex Colour Pigments
Rubber Gloves
Small tub for decanting Powertex into
If you want to add hair, some wool or anything else you fancy using

Step by Step Instructions To Create Your Powertex Trick Or Treat Jar

1. Using a strong super glue adhere your nose to the jar, and leave it to dry (checking that it is nice and secure.

2. Whilst this is drying, remove the lid from the jar and using tin foil construct the shape of the hat you want for your witch. Then cover the whole structure with masking tape. I find it easier to do the pointed part first, then place it upside down in another jar to ensure you get the whole of the underside covered with masking tape

Powertex witches hat construction

You need to make sure that the underside of the hat is completely covered with tin foil

3. Now decant a small amount of Powertex Hardener into a tub, and soak some fabric in it, (time for rubber gloves!). Be sure to ensure that the whole thing is completely covered, but not soaking wet. Sometimes it’s easier to work in small strips. Cover the whole jar with the soaked and wrung out fabric, working your way around the nose, and creating lots of interesting textures as you go. Put it aside to dry whilst you work on your hat. Be sure to keep the thread section of the jar clean and clear so that you will be able to screw the hat on and off when you need to.

4. Do the same thing with the hat, covering it all in material that has been soaked and wrung out with the Powertex Hardener. If you are choosing to add some hair, add it to the underside of the hat securing it down with strips of material so that once the hat is dry and up the right way it hangs down.

5. If you are adding hands, fashion some out of soft flexible wire, and cover with masking tape, before securing onto your witch’s body where you want them to be. If you want to bend them into shape you can do so before the hardner dries stiff. I just make very basic oval shapes to keep it nice and simple.

6. Ideally I leave these overnight to completely harden up. If you want to speed the process up, you can use a hair dryer on a cool setting.

7. Once it is nice and dry, you can start to dry brush. To do this you will need a flat brush, some Powertex Easy Varnish and whatever Powertex colour pigments you wish to use.

8. Pour out a very small amount of the varnish onto a surface, and then carefully tap out a very small amount of pigment.

9. Dip your brush into the varnish, then into the pigment, to load with colour. As this is a dry brushing technique, you now need to gently wipe the brush off on a sheet of paper towel before going on to use it on your witch.

10. Keeping the brush nice and flat, very gently brush it against the textures you have created on your witch, and her hat, so that just the highlights are picked out with colour.

11. Keep on building up the colours of your choice until you are happy.

12. And voila!! here is your little Powertex Trick or Treat Witch.

Powertex jar for halloween

Powertex Trick or Treat Witch

Take off her hat to store those lovely treats

Halloween trick or treat

Secret stash of goodies

If you prefer wizards to witches, just change it up a bit

Powertex does Halloween

Powertex Wizards are just as happy to hide your goodies as witches are

Just as a footnote, I wouldn’t recommend these for children under the age of three. Although Powertex holds things incredibly securely, those noses might be tempting to try and pull off for little ones.

Also, obviously be sure to use clean jars, and I would personally only use them for storing goodies that are nicely wrapped up.

Happy Halloween Everyone!!

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