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Easy Step by Step Powertex Witches Hat Blog

Halloween is fast approaching, but you still have time to make some of these gorgeous ornamental witches hats using the medium of Powertex.

powertex sorting hat, easy to make

Easy to make Witches Hat using Powertex

Here is a list of what you will need:

Upcycled powertex sorting hat

You can make a gorgeous Powertex Witches Hat using Powertex and a few things you are bound to have lying around the house

1 x small bottle of Powertex Fabric Hardener in the colour of your choice
1 x small bottle of Powertex Easy Varnish
1 x Powertex Pigment of your choice
1 x old cd or vinyl 45 record
1 x cardboard egg carton
tin foil
scraps of natural fibre material
masking tape
embellishments (if you wish)
flat brush
paper towel
rubber gloves
small tub to pour Powertex into

I have done my step by step to include a face (very similar to the one’s used at a famous wizarding school) as I am often asked how to make these. But if you prefer to leave out this stage that is fine, I personally think the ornamental ones are lovely, and just that little bit different.

ornamental powertex witches hat

I love to express my personality in these ornamental Powertex witches hats

Step by Step Instructions

1. Using Masking Tape, adhere the pointy bit of your egg carton onto your cd or record.

2. Now use tin foil to bulk this out and sculpt into the shape you want your pointy part of your witches hat to be.

powertex halloween blog

Use tin foil and masking tape to create the shape you want

3. If you are adding a face, fashion this out of smaller strips of tin foil covered with masking tape, and add onto your hat

powertex sorting hat face

Use thin strips of tin foil covered with masking tape to make your face

4. Time for those rubber gloves! Pour out a small amount of Powertex into a tub, and soak small strips of fabric making sure to wring them out thoroughly. Then drape them over your hat, making sure to create lots of little creases to add texture. If you are doing the face, take care to push the soaked material in throughoughly so that the features stand out. I sometimes use a bamboo skewer to push them in around here to ensure my sculpted face shows through.

5. When you have the hat covered how you want, set it aside to dry. Ideally I leave it overnight, but if you can speed up the process by using a hairdryer on a low heat.

6. Once it is dry and feels hard to the touch, you can add the finish touches by dry brushing.

7. Tip out a small amount of your chosen pigment, alongside a small amount of easy varnish.

8. Dip your flat brush into the varnish, then into the pigment. Now wipe the brush off on paper towel so that it is quite dry, before very gently sweeping your brush over your hat. The aim is to only pick out the highlights in the creases you have created.

9. Gradually work up the colour until it is at the depth you want for your hat.

10. And voila!! you have a lovely little Powertex Witches Hat all ready for Halloween.

I hope you enjoy making your little Powertex Witches Hats.

powertex sorting hat, easy to make

Easy to make Witches Hat using Powertex

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