Autumn Powertex Workshops

Lots of lovely Autumnal Colours to choose from

Autumn is such a great season for colours, and we will be using lots of gorgeous autumnal powertex pigments in my Art 4 A Heart Workshops this month:

For lots of people the big October event is Halloween – and Powertex is just perfect for making those extra special spooky decorations to wow your friends and neighbours with if you are hosting, or attending a witchy party this year.

With this in mind, I will be running sessions for up to two people at a time at my spanking new studio in Fairways House, Southampton so if you fancy coming along with your child to make an extra special broomstick

Or maybe just bringing out your own spooky creative juices

Halloween broomsticks

Ornamental Powertex Broomsticks

powertex spooky dracula

Powertex Dracula Sculpture

powertex spooky sculpture

Spooky Powertex Halloween Sculpture

Just get in touch and we can discuss what you would like, and when we can sort it out for you.

If you prefer a group workshop, then here are my current offerings for October:

Spooky Halloween Powertex Workshops

Powertex Halloween

Create lots of lovely Halloween decorations using Powertex

Sunday 21 October – Ornamental Witches Hats – Inspired & Create, Sway
Tuesday 23 October – Spell Book & Wands – Inspired & Create, Sway
Friday 26 October – Wands and Ornamental Hats – The Crafty Bug Cafe, Woolston

Sunday 21 October – Inspired & Create – Ornamental Powertex Witches Hat – £15.00 11 am to 2 pm

In the lovely setting of Inspired & Create, Sway in the heart of the New Forest, we will be using either cd’s, or old records to create absolutely gorgeous little witches hats which you will want to keep out on display long after All Hallows Eve has been and gone.

As always, everything you need will be provided, although if you have any special embillsments you would like to bring along you are more than welcome to do so.

Powertex hats

Powertex ornamental witches hats

Booking via Inspired and Create

Tuesday 23 October – Inspired & Create – Spell Book and Wand Workshop – £23 11 am to 3 pm

Halloween Powertex

Powertex Spell Book & Wand

Back at Inspired & Create for a magical half term workshop. You can be inspired by a certain very famous young wizard, or you can go completely your own way. Whatever you decide to do you will walk away with a fantastic Halloween prop that you will certainly make you stand out at any parties you go to. Booking is via Inspired & Create

Friday 26 October – The Crafty Bug Cafe – Ornamental Witches Hat and/or Wand – £25 4 pm to 6 pm

Powertex Halloween Fun

Magical Wands to go alongside the ornamental witches hats

I love doing workshops at The Crafty Bug Cafe, (which is based in Woolston, Southampton), and not just because the cake is so good! I will guide you through the process of making both an ornamental hat, and also a beautiful and ornate wand and will then be on hand to offer an advice you may need whilst you set about making your own unique version. Booking via or directly via The Crafty Bug Cafe

Last but not least – I will be having a stall selling lots of Halloween goodies as well as other Powertex sculptures at the Fairies Witches & Hippies Fayre at West Totton Community Centre on Sunday 28 October.

On the night itself, I will be snuggled up safely inside, eating my way through the tonnes of trick or treat goodies I always buy 🙂

Powertex Halloween Blog

Snuggling up for Halloween

Hope to see you soon

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If you would like to come along to the next Powertex Workshop with Donna – please check our available events and dates.

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