A lot is being published on social media nowadays about the positive effects engaging with creativity can have for our mental health wellbeing.

Powertex and mental health

I do believe that all types of creativity can be good for our mental health wellbeing

I originally typed out a rather rambling blog about how I believe attending a Powertex Workshop can be good for mental health wellbeing.

Then I had second thoughts. I can rattle on all day about it, but I think it means a lot more coming from someone is willing to talk openly, honestly and bravely about how coming along to Powertex Workshops has helped her.

So without further ado, I will hand over to Sue who agreed to do a video interview with me.

I interviewed sue this morning for a blog about creativity and mental health. It seems the only way I can download it is via Facebook and then linking the blog to Facebook. So it's a bit topsy-turvy but here is the interview, and the blog will have to follow later. Hate technology obviously, but so proud of sue and her honesty here

Posted by Donna Mcghie on Monday, 19 November 2018

Just to be clear, although I have a therapeutic background, there is no way I would ever market my Powertex workshops as art therapy. However I do 100% believe that coming along to a Powertex Workshop can have positive therapeutic benefits.

Sue was kind enough to allow me to photograph just a few of her makes, including Morgan and Morgana.

powertex sculpture


powertex mental health


powertex mental health

Sue’s Green Man who sits in her garden


Another of Sue’s garden plaques – she has many scattered around her garden which is a place she loves to sit in

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