Powertex Valentine Giveaway

Freebie Valentine Giveaway

If you live in the Eastleigh area of Hampshire, England, then keep your eyes peeled for my Valentine’s Day Freebie Art Give Away.

Last night was one of those night’s where I just couldn’t sleep.

Unfortunately my lovely husband is in hospital at the moment, so our plans for a romantic valentine meal tonight have had to be put on hold.

But that doesn’t mean I can’t still share the love – artistic love that is.

At 5 am this morning, I made the decision to leave a small romantic piece of art hidden away in my local area, which will be completely free to whoever finds it.

It would be lovely if the recipient chooses to check out my facebook page www.facebookcom/artmuralsbydonnamcghie and if they like what they see, give me a very welcome like and a share.

Equally come on over to my website www.artandmurals.co.uk and have a little browse through to see what it is I do.

But absolutely no pressure whatsoever, this really is a no strings giveaway.

I’m liking the warm fuzzy feeling I am getting from doing something for nothing.

I’m liking it so much I might even do it on a regular basis.

So keep your eyes peeled, and if you find it, and like it, take it away. Keep it for yourself, or give it to a loved one, or even pass it foward.

And if you are one of those people who likes to pay something (and can afford it), then a donation to the Papworth Hospital Charity – however small, would also be extremeley welcome, but again, absolutely no pressure to do so.

You can read about the work I do to support this wonderful charity, and why I do it here.

Happy Valentine’s Day Everyone 🙂

NB: This Valentine giveaway was made using bronze and transparent powertex fabric hardener, on an mdf heart shape and silver powertex colortrix

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