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Why my next workshop will be raising money for Macmillan Cancer Support

This Friday 28 September 2018, I will be running a slightly different Powertex Workshop to usual.

I have decided to take part in the annual Macmillan Cancer Support fundraising coffee morning.

Like everyone else I know, cancer has played an unwanted part in the lives of family and loved ones.

So when I saw the posters for the Macmillan Coffee Morning, I thought this would be a nice chance to play a very small part in helping to give something back.

The question was, how to go about it. Anyone who knows me knows I am not really a coffee morning kind of a girl. I like coffee, I like cake, and I like a chin wag and a laugh.

However I’m not in the least bit into baking, or lining a cake tray artistically with doillies. If I bake a cake my family runs a mile in the opposite direction, and the kitchen takes about a week to clear up spilt flour and egg yolk, not to mention scraping the burnt bits off the cake trays.

macmillan powertex coffee morning

This is what my cakes look like in my dreams

I still have a vivid memory of my home economics teacher at school belittling everything I ever cooked. (Teachers take note – these criticisms can scar you for life). I remember proudly presenting her with a cake that I thought was actually pretty passable, only to be met with a withering question of whether it was an overdone vanilla cake or an underdone chocolate cake.

Macmillan coffee event

Isnt funny how a sarcastic comment made by a teacher will stick with you as an adult. I get so nervous now when I cook that it will be rubbish

So as much as I am all for stepping out of our comfort zones, the thought of baking cakes in aid of a very worthwhile charity and possibly making people poorly is just a bit too daunting for me.

I am still going to host a coffee morning – or in my case afternoon (the gorgeous venue of Inspired & Create is already booked in the morning), but be prewarned, all the cakes will be very edible, but also very much shop bought.

powertex macmillan event

Nothing wrong with shop bought cakes

What I will be offering alongside the coffee, cake and tea is the chance to have a taster session in something I know I would have gotten a gold star for at school – Powertex.

Gold star for Macmillan/Powertex

You’ll feel like giving yourself a gold star when you see what you can make with Powertex

If you’ve not tried this wonderful medium before – this is your opportunity. Alongside the coffee, cake and chat, we will be making unique brooches to come away with, or if you prefer, tiny wall hangings.

Everything you need will be provided, although if you have a special keepsake that you would like to add into your brooch or wall hanging to make it really personal then of course you are very welcome to bring it along.

Powertex brooches for Macmillan

Examples of the type of art brooches we will be creating

Powertex is a fabric hardener that is non toxic and suitable for all ages and abilities. It can be quite messy but gloves and aprons will be provided.

The cost for the afternoon is £12 and you are welcome to make as many or as few pieces as you want. I bet once you have started there will be no stopping you. And I promise you, unlike my cookery teacher, I strongly believe that encouragement gets the best results.

IF you have any questions at all, feel free to message me via the contact form at my website

Booking is via the website of Inspired & Create If you are passing by and fancy dropping in unannounced you will also be very welcome.

It would be really lovely to meet some new people and introduce them to what I do, as well as some familiar faces who I know are already hooked on Powertex.

Inspired & Create is based in the heart of the New Forest, in a little village called Sway, and there is lots of free roadside parking available. The fun starts at 2 pm.

I look forward seeing you on Friday, and promise you, you will love what you create.

powertex macmillan coffee morning

Macmillan Coffee & Powertex Afternoon

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