I love it when I see those posts coming up on face book that reassure us messy types its alright to live in chaos. In fact it’s a good thing. And this must be true, because Albert Einstein said so. Now I don’t know whether the great man himself actually did say that quote about an empty desk being a sign of an empty mind, but I’m happy to run with it. I am a Powertex tutor, and my mind is always buzzing with new and creative ways to use Powertex.

I thought I would post a picture of my spare room, which is where I create a lot of my art, to illustrate just how much I buy into this messy is good theory

Over the years I have beaten myself up about how messy I am. I even bought that book by Marie Kondo. It is a very beautiful and lovely book, and I tried Marie, I really did. I have to admit though, your lovely, neat little white book, that does give me a spark of joy when I look at it is now mainly used as something for me to press my small canvas onto when I am rubbing away using the Powertex Powerprint product to transfer one of my images onto a larger canvas. This is a wonderful technique and which I intend to do a blog on later. Just to whet your appetite though here is a work in progress. Lots to add, but the photo in the centre (sourced from Pixabay) was done using Powerprint.

The truth is though, that I am just not happy working creatively in a neat space. Once in a blue moon I will make the effort and tidy up my creative space, but I am never happy with what I create when I am sitting in a space where everything is in order.

I like the randomness of clutter. I like buying something in a second hand shop, and then losing it for ages up in my spare room. I firmly believe it will resurface when the time is right for it to do so. I’m not a planner. I like the challenge that comes from sitting down with a blank canvas, or journal and honestly not having a clue what is going to happen.

I tend to work in batches, so I currently have a batch of little Powertex witches hats drying off nicely in readiness for the final dry brushing technique. It is adding the colour at the end that pleases me the most. This is when, for me, Powertex really comes to life.

Although it may look like chaos to the naked eye, there is some method in my madness. And it’s pretty ecologically sound too. Everything that can be used again is. I was playing around with Powertex rust the other day, experimenting with on the powerprint canvas, and there was some left in the bottom of my mixing tub. It has hardened off nicely, and I’m fairly sure I will be able to incorporate it into an abstract work at some point in time.

My thoughts are that in order to create art that reflects who you are, you have to embrace who you are. I will never feel a spark when I look at a portrait that looks like a photograph. I can appreciate the skill involved, but personally I would rather look at a painting that may not be spot on physically, but captures the essence of the subject. Other people will be the exact opposite. They will love an absolutely realistic representation, and not care at all for a slightly more abstract take on the matter. And that is what is so wonderful about art. It really does offer something for everyone.

So I am going to abandon any attempts to make my creative space more organised. I am going to embrace my chaos. I’ll catch you later, I’m just off to rummage through some junk and see what comes up that inspires me.